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08.30.2004 This site is dedicated to the great martial artist, Bruce Lee.

09.05.2004 GAMES section: Tekken is on.

09.08.2004 GAMES section updated.

09.08.2004 MEDIA section opened.

09.09.2004 Fatal Fury 3:Hon Fu combo movie.

09.10.2004 Made GAMES section more dynamic.

09.15.2004 GAMES section updated: Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken card Challenge and Tekken Advance.

09.28.2004 GAMES section updated.

10.09.2004 ANIMATION section opened: 3D Bruce Lee movie.

10.09.2004 GAMES section updated.

10.09.2004 MEDIA section updated.

10.30.2004 GAMES section updated.

10.30.2004 MEDIA section updated.

11.20.2004 MEDIA section updated.

12.04.2004 MEDIA section updated.

12.05.2004 MEDIA section updated.

12.06.2004 DRAGON section updated: 14-40 philosophies.

12.06.2004 HEROES section opened: Dragon.

12.09.2004 DRAGON section updated: Signature Techniques.

12.12.2004 HEROES section updated: Fei Long.

12.20.2004 HEROES section updated: Hon Fu.

12.29.2004 HEROES section updated.