Bruce Lee

November 27 1940 - San Francisco -

The Year of the Dragon, Lee Jun Fan was born at the Jackson Street Hospital in the Chinatown section of San Francisco. Later to be known as Bruce Lee. His father, Lee Hoi-Chuen, a performer with the Cantonese Opera Company, was touring in America at the time.

1941 - Hong Kong -

Bruce and his parents returned to Kowloon, their family home.

1946 - Hong Kong -

At the age of six, he made his professional screen debut in The Beginning of a Boy.

1952 - Hong Kong -

He Entered La Salle College, a Catholic boy's school.

1953 - Hong Kong -

After being involved in numerous street fights in Hong Kong, Bruce studied Wing Chun under Yip Man, a master of the Wing Chun system of Kung-Fu.

1958 - Hong Kong -

Being an expert dancer, Bruce wins the Crown Colony Cha-Cha Championship. He appeared in Movie The Orphan.

1959 - Hong Kong -

After more fierce street fighting ending in police involvement, Mr. and Mrs. Lee decided that Bruce should exercise his American citizenship and returned to San Francisco.

1959 - San Francisco - Seattle -

Bruce arrived in the U.S. and stayed with an old friend of his father's. He worked odd jobs around the various Chinese communities. Later moves to Seattle to work for Ruby Chow, another friend of his father's. He lived in a room above her restaurant while working as a waiter downstairs. Eventually enrolled at Edison Technical School and earned his high school diploma. He started teaching Gung-Fu in backyards and city parks.

1961 - Spring - Seattle -

Bruce studied  Philosophy at the University of Washington. He taught Gung-Fu to students at school.

1963 - Summer - Hong Kong -

Bruce  returned to Hong Kong for the first time since his arrival in the U.S. He returned to Seattle at the end of summer to continue school.

1963 - October 25 - Seattle -

Bruce took out Linda Emery (the future Mrs. Linda Lee) for their first date. They had Dinner at the Space Needle.

1963 - Fall - Seattle -

Bruce moved the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute into a building (4750 University Way) near the university campus.

1964 - Summer - Oakland -

Bruce left  Seattle to start a second school in Oakland. His good friend, Taky Kimura, took over as head instructor.

1964 - August 17 - Seattle -

Bruce returned to Seattle to marry Linda Emery. Residing afterwards back in Oakland.

1964 - Oakland -

Several months after he began teaching, he was challenged by a leading Gung-Fu practitioner in the Chinatown community. If Bruce lost the challenge, he was either to close his school or stop teaching Caucasians. At that time, the Chinese were reluctant to teach Caucasians their martial arts. Bruce accepted and dispatched his opponent in only a couple of minutes. Later he was bothered on why the fight took so long and began to re-evaluate his style. Thus, the early concepts of Jeet Kune Do.

1964 - August 2 - Long Beach  CA -

Ed Parker, known as the Father of American Karate (Kenpo), invited Bruce to give a demonstration at his first International Karate Championships. In the audience was Jay Sebring, the hair stylist for Batman producer William Dozier who was looking to cast a part in a TV series he was developing. Sebring then gives a film of Bruce's demo to Dozier who was impressed at what he saw. Bruce later flied down to Los Angeles for a screen test.

1965 - February 1 - Oakland, CA -

Brandon Lee was born.

1965 - February 8 - Hong Kong -

Bruce's father passed away.

1966 - Los Angeles -

Bruce and family moved to Los Angeles where he began working on a new TV series called The Green Hornet as Kato. Later he opened third branch of the Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute in Los Angeles' Chinatown.

1967-1971 - Hollywood -

During this time, Bruce landed bit parts in various films and TV series (Marlowe, Longstreet). He also gave private lessons for up to $250 an hour to the likes of Steve McQueen, James Coburn, James Garner, Lee Marvin, Roman Polanski, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

1969 - April 19 - Santa Monica, CA -

Daughter Shannon Lee was born.

1970 - Los Angeles -

Bruce injured his back while training. The following period of inactivity he started to document his training methods and his philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. Later after his death, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do was published by his wife.

1971 - Hong Kong -

Bruce took a short trip back to Hong Kong to arrange for his mother to live in the U.S. Unknowingly to him, he had become a superstar for The Green Hornet was one of the most popular TV shows in Hong Kong. Later was approached by Raymond Chow, owner of a new production company, and offered the lead role in a new film called The Big Boss. He accepted.

1971- July - Thailand -

Filming began for The Big Boss (released as Fists of Fury in U.S.). Opened in Hong Kong to great reviews and mobs of fans. Proceeded to gross more than $3.5 million in little than three weeks.

1972 - Hong Kong -

Fist of Fury (called The Chinese Connection in the U.S.) was released. Grossed more than The Big Boss and further established Bruce as a Hong Kong superstar.

1972 - Rome, Italy -

Location shots were made for Bruce's third film The Way of the Dragon (later called The Return of the Dragon), which he wrote, directed, and stared in. Chuck Norris was Bruce's adversary in the final fight scene. Again, this film surpassed all records set by his previous two films.

1972 - Hong Kong -

Bruce began work on Game of Death and filmed several fight scenes including Danny Inosanto and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

1973 - February - Hong Kong-

Filming of Enter the Dragon began. It was the first-ever production between the U.S. and Hong Kong film industries. Game of Death was never completed. (Later completed after his death using a stand-in for Bruce's un-shot scenes.)

1973 - April - Hong Kong -

Filming of Enter the Dragon was completed.

1973 - July 20 - Hong Kong -

Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong. But noon really knows how he died. Enter the Dragon premiered a month later to much success.

1973 - July 25 - Hong Kong -

A funeral ceremony was held for friends and fans in Hong Kong consisting of over 25,000 people. Bruce was dressed in the Chinese outfit he wore in Enter the Dragon.

1973 - July 30 - Seattle -

After a smaller second ceremony, Bruce Lee was buried at Lake View Cemetery. His pallbearers included Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Danny Inosanto, Taky Kimura, and his brother, Robert Lee.