The Legend of Bruce Lee  

Bruce Lee was born in the year of the dragon on November 27, 1940 in America. When he was really young he moved to Hong Kong and was in his first movie when he was only 6 years old. He was in famous movies like THE BEGINNING OF THE BOY and THE ORPHAN. This went on for a long time; he did 20 more films in Southeast Asia. At the age of 18 he did his last film for a while. When he was a teenager he started to get into a lot of street fights. He started training under a man named Sifu Yip Man but he still got into a lot of fights.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee thought that it would be best for him to move back to America. So not long after that Bruce went and stayed with his dad's friends. A bit later Bruce left San Francisco and started at the University of Washington. Some of the students at the University started taking lessons of Gung Fu from Bruce Lee. He ended up marrying one of his students named Linda Emery.

Some Gung Fu fighters in China Town realized that he was teaching Gung Fu to anybody who wanted to learn. These people thought that Martial Arts should only be taught to Asian people. Bruce ignored them and continued to keep teaching. The Chinese people got mad at him and challenged him to a fight. During the fight Bruce was winning and his opponent cheated and ended up breaking Bruce's back. During the time in the hospital that he spent, his wife Linda wrote down his fighting method.

He finally became well and when his book came out he started to become very popular.  He started being in a lot of movies again and most of them were located in Hong Kong. He had 2 kids named Brandon and Sharnnon Lee. Bruce loved his kids very much but he almost never got to see them. Then he did a lot of famous movies like ENTER THE DRAGON and lots more. The sad thing is that right before his movie ENTER THE DRAGON came out, he died. Bruce Lee never got to see that movie in the theatre. He was buried in Seattle, WA in LAKE VIEW CEMETARY.